David McGuire - Producer

David McGuire is a diver, videographer, writer and ocean voyager. He is educated in Marine Biology, holds a masters degree in Environmental Health and has worked in education and public health at the University of California at Berkeley for over a decade. David has explored the Polynesian Triangle on several sailing voyages, studying and filming sharks and coral reef life with an emphasis on ocean conservation.

David is the writer, Producer and underwater cinematographer of Sharks: Stewards of the Reef and a new film on Palmyra Atoll. Changing attitudes to sustain a healthy ocean is his mission.

David is currently working on the following films: Palmyra Atoll; A South Pacific adventure film and a film on California Marine Protected Areas. He has recently founded Sea Stewards, a marine conservation and education organization using adventure and film to change our attitudes for a healthy ocean. For more see www.seastewards.org.